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Tim Paddon

I’m A Web Developer/Designer focused on the creation of digital products & services. If it’s made with Pixels then I’m interested in it… I currently work as Co-Founder @ Tiny Interactive Media, we are a straight talking Web Design agency based in Burnley, Lancashire.

I have an amazing wife (who is also a business wiz) three beautiful daughters and two mischievous pedigree pointers… On most occasions, I will be found on the local mountain bike trails, out with my camera or making games in my home office.

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  • Web Design

    “Good web design is not only what you see but what you feel”

  • Videography

    “The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web”

  • Graphics

    “Graphic design is where science and art break even”

  • Photography

    “Photography is a way to capture the past and take it into the future”

  • Animation

    “Nothing in animation is impromptu, everything is there for a reason”

  • Games design

    “Games design is journey for the goal, not the success that it brings”

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